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The Virtain 4H association was registered in the association register on 19 February 1968. Visiting address is Virtaintie 35, 34800 Virrat. The business ID of the 4H association is 0222262-7. MEMBERS: In 2021, the 4H Association had a total of 153 youth members, of whom 118 had paid a nationwide membership fee - a total of 51 adult members, of whom 35 had paid a nationwide membership fee. 

The board of the Virtain 4H Association consisted of nine persons elected by the statutory meeting and after the organization of the board, one of whom is elected chairman and one as vice chairman. In addition to the Board, Mikko Hänninen will be represented by a representative appointed by the city, and Niina Virnala, Executive Director of the 4H Association, will act as Secretary to the Board.