About us

4H is a youth organization for children and young people between ages 6 and 28. Our main task is to help children and young people find their own strengths and give them the opportunity to grow into active, entrepreneurial and responsible adults. It’s also politically and religiously uncommitted.  

In Finland there is nearly 50 000 4H-members in there about 200 associations. At Virrat there are over 200 members from which more than 150 are children and young people.  

4H at Virrat was established in 1938 and that makes us one of the oldest 4H- associations. We do youth work in Virrat, the surrounding areas included. The key elements of our youth work are group activities such as clubs an also employment and enterprises of young people. At Virrat nearly 30 local teenagers have started their own enterprise with our help. We also employ youth to be a part of our club activity as employees. In cooperation with different associates, we also arrange trips, camps and events. You can join in by many ways. You can join as a member, sign up for a voluntary job or make a donation to Seuraa seniorille -service.


From January 2022 to May 2023, our association implements a Linkki-project with Leader funding. The main goal of the Linkki-project is to develop together, with partners and young people, a way of working that improves young people's future skills and the vitality of the local area. This way of working travels with the young person through high school and secondary school. In the best case they will stay in the local area to live and possibly become an entrepreneur. 

In 2020-2021, our association implemented a Silta-project with Leader funding. The main goal of the Silta-project was to provide a concrete space where young people who are interested in entrepreneurship got to practice handling things as an entrepreneur. The space was used for education, exercises and guidance of young people’s practice enterprises. 

The aim is to implement the structure and activities of the projects in other places as well.   

We operate in the area of Poko ry. 

4H enterprises

There are eager young people, who have gotten to know an entrepreneur’s life through their own 4H enterprise. The idea for the enterprise often originates from the person’s own hobby or interest. 

Many young people employ themselves in the summer or alongside the school with their own 4H enterprise. A part of the youth’s 4H enterprises grow and open a longer path for the real entrepreneurship. These young people don’t lack of courage or enthusiasm. 

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Virrat 4H-association ry 

Niina Virnala, executive manager 



Virtaintie 35, 34800 Virrat  

Contact for projects 

Satu Hoffren, project coordinator


044 2310940